MicroTek, a global leader in corporate meeting and training venues and event planning services, is proud to announce that the company has instituted a new program to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste produced by its U.S. venues.

MicroTek has announced plans to remove disposable water bottles from all of its owned and operated U.S. locations. The company predicts that this new environmentally-motivated initiative will eliminate more than 200,000 bottles each year. Each MicroTek location will offer a reusable water bottle refilling station and an infused water dispenser as a more sustainable alternative to commercial plastic water bottles.

The company has also announced the introduction of new granola and trail mix dispensing stations to substantially reduce the waste produced by individually packaged snacks at MicroTek venues across the country. With this new program in place, MicroTek solidifies its commitment to providing financially and environmentally sustainable meeting and training solutions to companies around the world.

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer these new, more environmentally-conscious food and beverage solutions in our venues. Initial guest feedback and support for this new program has been outstanding,” says Bill Taylor, MicroTek’s VP of Facility Resources.

Located in the heart of nine major metropolitan business hubs across the country, MicroTek’s premier meeting and training venues offer flexible meeting spaces paired with a full suite of all-inclusive event services. 

To learn more about MicroTek’s premier meeting and training venues, visit mclabs.com/meet


Since 1991, MicroTek has been an industry-leading, single-source provider of corporate meeting and training venues, learning and event technology solutions, and comprehensive support services. With an expert team and network of more than 3,000 facilities worldwide, MicroTek has the resources and expertise to execute the most effective corporate meeting and training events for any client, anywhere in the world.

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