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Malaysia Business Events Industry Commits to a Safe Event Environment

Industry bodies and government sectors engage to ensure effective compliance and adherence to Business Events (BE) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Business Events Council Malaysia (BECM) and Malaysia Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (MACEOS) with the support of Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) brought together Malaysia’s venue operators to engage with the Government on thorough monitoring and reporting as well as correct implementation and enforcement of the industry Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Present at the co-ordination meeting were Y.Bhg. Datin Sri Norfaliza, Head of Covid-19 Unit, Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MOTAC), Dr. Zulhizzam Hj. Abdullah, Deputy Director, Public Health Development Division, Ministry of Health (MOH), En. Hamzah b Ishak, Director of Crisis Management and National Intelligence, National Security Council (NSC), and Senior Assistant Commissioner M.V. Srikumar a/l Madhavan Nair, Department of Homeland Security & Public Safety (KDNKA), Royal Malaysia Police to share insights with the industry players on compliance and implementation of the SOPs.

“We are appreciative of this engagement with the government to help the industry implement effective measures to enforce adherence to SOPs. We would also like to acknowledge and thank Y.Bhg. Datin Sri Norfaliza who played an instrumental role in elevating our SOPs for consideration and endorsement. It is absolutely crucial for all industry players to commit to ensuring that in all stages of an event, from planning to execution to post event contract tracing, SOPs are strictly and ethically implemented and enforced. This will help the industry to instil confidence in the public and government that it is indeed possible to conduct events in a controlled, safe and secured environment,” said Alan Pryor, Chairman, BECM.

Besides emphasising on the importance of adherence to the SOPs, the engagement session also shed light on the Government’s support to the industry. Large Event Organisers were encouraged to liaise with the MOH and the Malaysia Royal Police in the planning phase of any large scale event to ensure a smooth and safe execution while the Industry itself was urged to reach out to all players, big and small, in the supply chain and to provide feedback through MyCEB on any challenges or problems faced in the implementation of the SOPs and to ensure they have access to the SOPs to ensure correct implementation.

BE industry supply chain is directly affected by no less than six SOPs covering the various activities that take place in differing facilities ranging from hotels and shopping malls to convention and exhibition centres and from special and government events to meetings, conventions and trade shows. The highest benchmark for each category was consolidated by BECM and MACEOS which culminated in the launch of the consolidated BE Guidelines late July. “The venue sector has to take the lead in ensuring conformity to the SOPs and it is imperative to ensure event organisers have ‘covered’ all the requirements in their pre-event planning. The execution in adhering to the SOPs is therefore a joint responsibility. Our primary objective is to demonstrate that events and exhibitions can and are being held in a controlled, secure and safe environment. For this, MyCEB, BECM and MACEOS will enforce strict self-regulation to ensure the BE industry can continue to operate in the new normal,” said Dato’ Sri Abdul Khani bin Daud, Chief Executive Officer of MyCEB.

“We urge all MACEOS members and other BE industry players to collaborate and adhere to the approved guidelines and SOPs.  With venue operators taking the lead to implement the best SOP practices, event organisers will be able to abide by the requirements when executing their events in accordance to the standards of our Ministry of Health”, said Dato’ Vincent Lim, President, MACEOS.

Travel bubbles and cross border travel were also discussed and it was emphasized that these developments are highly dependent on the developing trends around the spread and containment of Covid-19 around the region and the world, as the prevention and control of the pandemic remain the most important priority, as such, virtual participation continues to be an integral option in all types of business events.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is Here for You!

The Centre unveils comprehensive offerings to benefit clients in the new normal

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre), Malaysia’s premier progressive event venue, reveals a complete line-up of comprehensive initiatives and solutions which are designed to attract and better service business events clients in the new normal, under their engagement programme ‘We are here for you’.

The ‘We are here for You’ Engagement Programme encompasses four key pillars; ‘We Care’ which provides a safe and secure, controlled and regulated environment for business events; ‘We are Flexible’ that highlights the Centre’s adaptable partnership approach and willingness to work with clients to achieve mutually successful outcomes and deliver the best event solutions. ‘We Listen’ which utilises the Centre’s strong track record, expertise and knowledge to customise solutions to suit specific client needs perfectly; and ‘We are Supportive’ which focuses on the venue’s commitment to professional development of the industry supply chain and its engagement and advocacy initiatives to advance the promotion, growth and development of Malaysia’s business events industry.

The Centre has launched a combination of initiatives aligned to its ‘We are here for you’ Engagement Programme designed to support business recovery and continuity. These include its new digital solutions under the banner of ‘STAY CONNECTED’, a brand new website, and comprehensive Health & Hygiene Guidelines in line with stringent adherence to Government approved Standard Operating Procedures.

According to the Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor, “We have recognised that the environment for business events has been totally transformed by Covid-19 and this provided the motivation and inspiration to put our client’s needs at the forefront of our initiatives and to demonstrate our support, passion and commitment to our industry and its sustainability. We wanted our clients to know we are behind them and ready to support them and provide more choice which will help build confidence and give assurance as they navigate business events both at the Centre and in the new normal.”

Elaborating on the ‘STAY CONNECTED’ solution, Pryor added, “Our digital solutions have been designed to enable business continuity in running meetings and events, and help organisers increase engagement and connect with audiences. Our information technology (IT) and audio-visual (AV) capabilities, dedicated in-house IT team and strong partnerships with internet service providers (ISPs) and technology vendors, allows us to seamlessly deliver digital solutions for events of any size and scale, securely and reliably. This will ensure clients can execute hybrid and virtual events with peace of mind, providing their participants with rewarding and memorable experiences.”

The Centre’s newly launched Website offers many exciting and innovative features to provide a more vibrant and engaging journey to all visitors whether they want to plan an event or visit the Centre. The website is first in Malaysia to have a concierge AI chatbot (named Skye) that has been designed to integrate directly with website content, delivering better overall user experience both for visitors and planners. It also encompasses interactive floor plans and incorporates ‘Visual Story Telling’ techniques to deliver a more immersive experience for visitors.

Dedicated collaterals have been developed to help guide organisers and participants on what to expect in the new normal including a dedicated attendee video providing an overview of its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in regards to venue check-in, event check-in and safety measures, so that event attendees are aware and prepared in advance of the Centre’s health and hygiene procedures, in line with the approved Malaysian National Security Council (MKN) SOPs.

In line with the ‘We are Supportive’ pillar, the Centre has been heavily involved in a variety of activities to help in the promotion, growth and development of Malaysia’s business events industry. These have included the recent sponsorship of the Business Events Council Malaysia (BECM) and Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (MACEOS) launch of the ‘BE-READY’ initiative; and support for the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO) WebEDGE initiative, which will help enhance the professionalism of Malaysia industry supply chain. The Centre has also been working with Informa Markets to create educational video content demonstrating how exhibition SOPs would be implemented in the new normal.

Pryor concluded, “All our initiatives under each pillar of our “We are here for You” Engagement Programme demonstrate our passion for what we do and we are thankful and happy that we are back to business again. We want to reiterate to clients and the industry supply chain that we are operating, we have done our homework, we are safe and we are ready to execute any type of event.” For all the latest news on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com or follow on social media (Facebook – @klccconventioncentre, LinkedIn – Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Twitter – @klccconvention and Instagram – @klccconventioncentre).

Business at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre forging ahead

Safe resumption of events and a focus on the future is assisting gradual business recovery

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) is delighted that the Malaysian Government’s is continually refining industry Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to stimulate the resumption of domestic business events with no set limit on the number of attendees. The Government has confirmed that the number of guests and participants will depend on the size of the event space and the capability of the venue to ensure the safe implementation of social distancing measures in line with the industry SOPs.

The Centre has turned its focus to the delivery of safe and hygienic events and is seeing positive client feedback on the Venue’s SOP implementation. Rigorous social distancing measures, comprehensive health and safety guidelines on-site and stringent adherence to visitor access and registration is building client confidence and reassurance.

According to the Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor, “The exact capacity each of our rooms can host will vary depending on the event type, layout and requirements. With over 33,000 sqm of meeting and event space the Centre can comfortably apply more than adequate social distancing for events. We have always had stringent health and safety operations in place, and our experienced and knowledgeable team are fully trained and equipped to execute continual sanitisation and hygiene measures at high standards and frequency”

“Furthermore, we have listened carefully to our client’s needs and requests and developed new virtual solutions to meet the changing landscape of how events are being produced. This provides an exciting opportunity to be innovative and demonstrate our execution expertise,” he continued.

These investments have started to slowly pay off and generate a return of events to the Centre since opening on 1 July with five completed corporate events hosting between 30 to 500 attendees. 20 confirmed bookings have been secured from the corporate, association and exhibition sectors for the period July to December 2020 with continual enquiries being received that are materialising. For 2021, the Centre has a positive outlook for exhibitions and conventions segments with 40% of its business target secured.

The Centre has taken the lead to collaborate with industry partners and clients to demonstrate its readiness to execute events based on the Government published industry SOPs and we will be displaying and showcasing different types of event set-ups for viewing by Government and industry players.

In addition to the industry and venue SOPs, the Centre’s is also going the extra mile and implementing VenueShield, a new environmental hygiene protocol developed by its parent group ASM Global. VenueShield has been created in partnership with medical professionals, industry experts and public health officials and is being rolled out across ASM Global’s 325 venues and facilities worldwide.

Pryor concluded, “It is the combined efforts of the collaboration of our industry supply chain, our industry associations and the interface and engagement with Government that has generated a positive movement forward on the resumption of business events. Our industry is a vital social and economic driver and delivers thousands of jobs, economic impact and grows Malaysia’s profile and market share globally. We are confident that our venue, combined with our event execution expertise will contribute highly to the return of major national, regional and international events in time, and are thrilled to be welcoming clients and attendees back to a safe and secure environment at the Centre.”

For all the latest news on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com or follow on social media (Facebook – @klccconventioncentre, LinkedIn – Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Twitter – @klccconvention and Instagram – @klccconventioncentre).

Kuala Lumpur firmly in the top 10 Business Events destinations in Asia!

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre a key contributor as KL jumps to seventh position

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) is proud to have contributed to the 91 international association meetings held in Kuala Lumpur last year, which helped the city record its best ranking in seven years, achieving seventh position, up three spots, in the Asia and Oceania region in the ICCA (International Convention & Conference Association) Statistics Report 2019 and 22nd position in the world, up 12 places from 2018.

According to the Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor, “This ICCA rankings reveal the high number of international meetings held in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia last year, and each of these delivered economic contribution, knowledge sharing opportunities and social impact benefits to the country. We hope that in view of the current situation, this ranking demonstrates a strong case for the Government in facilitating the reopening of the business events industry, which will play a vital role in stimulating Malaysia’s economy.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), Dato’ Sri Abdul Khani bin Daud, said, “MyCEB and its industry partners successfully supported 331 business events in 2019 which contributed a total of RM3.1 billion in estimated economic impact to Malaysia, reflecting the magnitude of the business events industry’s value to the country. It is great to see the industry’s efforts are paying off and international associations are recognising the many benefits of Malaysia as an attractive business events destination.”

“This elevated ranking in both Asia and the world is significant for Kuala Lumpur, not only as the capital city of Malaysia but also as the economic hub of the country. These meetings are also important contributors to the development of some of Malaysia’s key industries,” he continued.

Pryor added, “The ICCA ranking improvement reflects the great collaboration we, along with other local business events players, had in working together with MyCEB to secure international association meetings. 2019 was a particularly strong year for medical conferences at the Centre and we feel that Malaysia’s excellent track record in successfully attracting and hosting medical meetings; the Government’s ongoing focus on the healthcare sector; and the country’s relative success in tackling COVID-19, means we are well positioned to benefit from any post-COVID surge in medical and healthcare-related meetings.”

The several high-profile international medical meetings, which were held at the Centre last year, attracted over 3,500 participants and delivered RM24.3 million in economic impact to Malaysia. Some of these included the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Annual Scientific Meeting (ANZCA ASM) 2019; Urological Association of Asia Congress (UAA) 2019; Asia-Pacific Federation of Coloproctology Congress (APFCP) 2019; Soroptimist International Convention 2019; and Asia Pacific Congress of Interventional Oncology (APCIO) 2019.

Some of the other prestigious conferences held at the Centre involved associations and professionals representing key sectors for the Malaysian economy including education, big data and analytics, telecommunications and agriculture.

For all the latest news and information on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre successfully rearranges 66 events

Communication, compassion and an adaptive mindset secure future business for the Centre

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) has been consistently communicating and working closely with clients to reschedule a large number of meetings and events that have been impacted by the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. As a result, they have so far successfully rescheduled 66 events into the latter half of 2020.

The Centre’s team have been utilising all their vast experience to rearrange its calendar and apply as much flexibility and empathy to accommodate the large number of events which have been affected. The Centre’s team rose to the challenge, working extremely closely with our clients to find their preferred dates and offer solutions.

They also used their specialised knowledge to help organisers to ‘reimagine’ their events, making adjustments to event design and layout, based on the expected business events landscape in the future. Of paramount importance has been their passion and concern to assist loyal clients and help international associations, who have been patient and collaborative, in finding mutually suitable dates in the calendar to maintain their meetings in Malaysia.

The Centre’s team also revisited the capabilities of the venue itself, to identify how both technology and more creative use of space and F&B provision will enable meetings and events to continue seamlessly taking into account the new operational requirements pertaining to hygiene, social distancing and virtual events, so clients can conduct meetings with peace of mind and focus on their business imperatives while the Centre provides an ideal environment for business continuity.

According to the Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor, “COVID-19 has presented all of us with many unique challenges, but we are remaining as flexible and resilient as possible, and working very hard and closely with all our recurrent and potential new clients to ensure that every event at our venue is a success. We look forward to welcoming events back to the Centre once Government deems it safe to do so, and we are ready to institute all guidelines and provide a safe, healthy and secure environment in line with operational standards laid out.”

“Until we can meet face-to-face, we wish all our clients, stakeholders and communities at home and abroad good health and wellbeing and express our sincere condolences to those who have experienced personal loss during these very trying times,” he concluded.

For all the latest news and information on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com.

Positive Collaboration and Agility Champion over Adversity!

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) successfully hosted the recent Ottawa Conference on the Assessment of Competence in Medicine and the Healthcare Professions (Ottawa Conference) 2020 in early March, but under very different circumstances!

According to the Ottawa Conference Operations Director, Pat Lilley, “This particular conference was a lot more challenging than usual due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We came for our last site meeting in January 2020 and everything was wonderful and going according to plan, with large numbers of participants registered. However, we ended up facing the challenge of trying to maintain a full programme, while recognizing that many participants from around the world could no longer attend the conference.”

To help deal with these challenges the Ottawa Conference Organiser teamed up with the Centre to find innovative solutions to ensure the event ran smoothly despite the global disruption. This involved last-minute changes in the event format and the ability for participants and speakers to join and engage with the conference programme remotely and vice-versa, which utilised the venue’s state-of-the-art information technology (IT) and audio-visual (AV) infrastructure.

Of key importance at the time was the ability to keep potential attendees engaged and comfortable about participation under growing uncertainty about travel restrictions. Consistent, factual, transparent communication was the crucial factor that kept delegates committed to attending the conference. The other crucial factor was adapting and increasing hygiene and sanitary measures to ease concerns and create visible changes in the Centre around these mechanisms.

The Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor, said, “A flexible and engaged partnership approach with the Event Organiser was critical in order for them to feel assured and not alone in a volatile changing landscape. We constantly were looking at ways to make the conference remain viable and to ensure anyone who wanted to be a part of it could attend in person or participate remotely. It really did provide us with a very good opportunity to fully utilize our technologically advanced IT backbone to support flawless remote access and create a safe environment for the Ottawa Conference.”

Speaking on her experience and thanking the Centre for their role in making the Ottawa Conference such a compelling and seamless event, Lilley added, “The Centre was very responsive and senior management has been extremely helpful, recognising that we really didn’t want to cancel and postpone the conference, but were not in a position to accommodate the original number of participants we expected. The Centre was also very attentive and the staff extremely helpful throughout the entire process. We were very pleased with the high level of service we received.”

“In the end, the conference went amazingly well, albeit slightly differently due to the global situation, as it forced us to think very carefully about the format of the conference programme. It was quite an experience, but I have to say it’s been very enjoyable and the participant feedback was extremely positive, with many liking the new format as it felt more cohesive. Whilst initially it felt like all bad news, it certainly has not been that way at all. I am so pleased we put on a good conference with the help of so many people,” Lilley concluded.

Held biennially and jointly organized by the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) and International Medical University Malaysia (IMU), the Ottawa Conference brought together medical and other healthcare profession educationalists to network and share ideas on all aspects of the assessment of competence in both clinical and non-clinical domains, throughout the continuum of education. Participants include both those new to the area of assessment and those with many years’ experience to share.

For all the latest news and information on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre The First Venue In Malaysia To Collaborate With Food Aid Foundation!

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) recently became the first venue in Malaysia to partner with Food Aid Foundation to connect surplus with the world of needs. The foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that rescues surplus food and groceries and distributes it to people in need. Under the partnership, the Centre will be providing its surplus food and raising awareness surrounding the importance of limiting food waste amongst its team members and the general public.

According to the Centre’s Deputy General Manager, John Burke, “As the ‘People’s Centre’ and Malaysia’s premier purpose-built venue, we are a socially responsible organisation that operates our business in a sustainable manner. Giving our surplus food to those in need is something we have wanted to undertake for a while, but it hasn’t been possible until now.”

He continued, “Thanks to the passing of the Food Donors Protection Bill 2019 in Parliament, we are delighted to be able to establish this great partnership with Food Aid Foundation to help them achieve their worthy mission of ending hunger and nourishing hope by connecting the world of surplus to the world of wants. We look forward to growing this partnership and in the process hopefully improving the nourishment and well-being of those supported by Food Aid Foundation.”

The Centre is supportive of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to transform the world, and its partnership with the Food Aid Foundation help contribute towards goals 1, 2 and 12, no poverty, zero hunger and responsible consumption and production respectively.

Thanking the Centre for their support, Food Aid Foundation Founder, Rick Chee, said, “We commend the efforts of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and we deeply appreciate the partnership. We also hope this collaboration will inspire other local venues and organisations to follow suit, as from our studies, we know that there is an abundance of surplus food in Kuala Lumpur that can most certainly be put to good use.”

“The greatest gratification coming out of our mission is to see the smiles on the recipients’ face when they receive food and the chance to taste many items which they have never tried before. Even a simple item like a Danish pastry can give them so much joy,” he added.

In addition to this campaign, the Centre also works with qualified contractors to turn its organic waste into useful products. For example, organic waste is processed into fish feed and used cooking oil is recycled into various by-products including soap stock.

Food Aid Foundation is an NGO which rescues ‘Halal’ edible but surplus food and groceries from manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, companies and people. This includes unused or unwanted food, as well as products that are out of specification, close to expiry, incorrect labelling, damaged packaging, discontinued promotional products, excess stock and customer returns. This is all collected and distributed to charitable/welfare homes, voluntary welfare organisations, refugee community, poor families, soup kitchens and more. For more information, visit www.foodaidfoundation.org/. For all the latest news and information on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Kicks Off Q4 With 10 New Bid Wins!

The world continues to choose Malaysia for major association meetings

During 2019, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) has successfully attracted 10 high-profile international events which are due to be held in Malaysia between 2020 and 2025. The prestigious events from the oil & gas, medical and education sectors are expected to be attended by over 17,300 participants and deliver an estimated RM87.6 million in economic impact to the country.

These large-scale events include the Asia Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium (ATPS) 2020, Asia Pacific Science and Technology Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction 2020, 10th International Conference on Isotopes (10ICI) 2020 and 17th Conference of International Society of Travel Medicine (CISTM) 2021, to name just some.

According to the Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor, “We are delighted to be adding these 10 prominent international association meetings to our calendar of events. This success is due to the hard work of all our team and investment in our global industry engagement programme, which is paying dividends. These bid wins demonstrate continued international confidence in Malaysia as a destination where experts and professionals can come together to collaborate, engage and exchange ideas.”

He continued, “Events contribute massively to the development of a country, not only from the financial perspective, but also in terms of the expertise and knowledge transfer that benefit local participants. That’s why this is great news not only for the Centre but for Malaysia as a whole.”

“We look forward to continuing our efforts, in collaboration with Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and other key industry players, to drive business opportunities and expand awareness internationally in order to bring more global events to our shores,” added Pryor.

“We selected the Centre as our ‘Venue of Choice’ because of the proactive engagement of the team throughout the bid process, we really connected with the warm personalities, culture and hospitality of the people of Malaysia. The strategic location providing ease of connectivity and accessibility, and world-class infrastructure combined with a very competitive value proposition, won us over. We are excited and looking forward to returning to Malaysia for ATPS 2020,” said Martha Barton, Exhibitor Services Director of Asia Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium (ATPS) 2020.

The recent 11,000 sqm expansion of the Centre has contributed to its capability to secure these 10 bid wins as the new space has been designed in a very flexible and customisable fashion. “The multi-purpose spaces can accommodate innovative and experiential delivery of events and allow our clients to explore new meeting design, networking hubs and customise their participant experience to suit any occasion,” Pryor concluded.

Attendees at IBTM World 2019, which is the 13th consecutive edition the Centre has participated in, can visit Booth H60 to discover why the venue is your perfect business events partner and learn more about the engaging business events experiences available in Malaysia.

For all the latest news and information on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre wins “Outstanding Venue Award” at AFECA Asian Awards 2019

Reinforcing its reputation as Malaysia’s premier purpose-built venue, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) recently won the “Outstanding Venue Award” at the AFECA (Asian Federation of Exhibition & Convention Associations) Asian Awards 2019 in Manila, the Philippines. The accolade recognises venues with world-class facilities, quality service, outstanding customer support and sustainability practices.

AFECA is the leading MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) association in Asia. With 155 members, covering 17 nations, AFECA’s main goal is to help develop and grow MICE industries in the region and is the gateway for Asia to reach out to the rest of the world. This year’s AFECA Asia Awards received a record 58 nominations/entries from 11 countries and nine esteemed judges representing all sectors of the region’s industry picked the Centre as the winner in its category.

Commenting on the venue’s success, the Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor, shared, “We are absolutely delighted to receive this prestigious award for the second time and are honoured to be amongst such esteemed finalists and industry leaders. We very much appreciate the accolade from AFECA and are excited to have been recognised for our world-class facilities, quality service, outstanding customer support and sustainability practices.”

“This award reflects our commitment to product innovation and excellence, and is testament to the professionalism and dedication of our talented team members and our philosophy to be the perfect business events partner for our clients. This acknowledgement provides additional motivation for us to continue to enhance our partnership approach to deliver personalised innovative and value-add solutions that create bespoke experiences and memorable customer journeys, for clients across the board,” he concluded.

Organised by AFECA, the Department of Tourism Philippines (DOT), the Philippine Tourism Promotion Board and the Philippine Association of Convention/Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (PACEOS), the annual AFECA Asian Awards recognises and acknowledges individuals and organisations for their pursuit of excellence, industry best practices and significant contributions to the MICE or business events industry.

For all the latest news and information on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com.

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s Director of Global Business Development & Marketing Recognised as One of the Top Women in MICE 2019

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s (the Centre) Director of Global Business Development & Marketing, Angeline van den Broecke, has been acknowledged as one of the most dynamic women in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) industry, being named one of the Top Women in MICE 2019 by Meetings Magazine and 3s Media.

Launched in 2014, the Top Women in MICE is based on nominations from peers and comprises of the finest event organisers and suppliers in the business events industry, who were judged on their leadership, passion, creativity, integrity, mentorship and relationships. It celebrates female excellence and recognises their achievements in the MICE space and honours them during an annual ceremony.

Congratulating Angeline on her incredible accomplishment, the Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor, shared “Angeline’s enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment to the business events industry has been rewarded with this wonderful achievement. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience from close to 25 years in the industry, with over 11 of those in Malaysia at the Centre.”

He continued, “Angeline is motivated by a pioneering mind-set which fuels her market leadership approach and desire to constantly go beyond the norm. She is a key member of our senior management team who has been the driving force for a more inclusive approach within the organisation. Angeline’s passion, positivity and strong affinity for cultural diversity, as well as her dedication to mentoring and building the capabilities of our team, are also a great source of inspiration and motivation for everyone.”

Speaking on Angeline’s win was Shanna Jacobsen, Editor of Meetings magazine and producer of the event, said, “Seeing South Africans shine abroad makes me incredibly proud, and we are thrilled that Angeline is making a name for herself internationally as this is a testament to what exceptional talent can achieve, anywhere in the world.”

Angeline commented, “I am very honoured to be named amongst such esteemed colleagues and commend the organisers for providing such an important platform to recognise the contribution of women in the business events industry.”

“At the heart of change is the commitment to embrace cultural diversity and inclusivity no matter where you are placed in the world. I am committed to building a talent pool of future female leaders, and to the make a meaningful contribution to the sustainability of the business events industry as a whole,” she concluded.

For more information the Top Women in MICE 2019, visit www.theplanner.guru/women-in-mice-2019/.

For all the latest news and information on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com.