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How to Liven Up a Virtual Meeting: Breathe Life Into Your Live Stream (Part 2 of 3)

Twists and turns in your voice and the experience you provide will make your live stream an adventure.  Start with the beat of their favorite drummer and you’ll breathe life into your virtual experience. New ConventionPlanit.com supplier member Ben Corey, CEO and Lead Digital Entertainer with Stream Variety, offers advice on livening up a virtual meeting. Read on for part 2 of this new series. 

1. Speed up the pulse with music – THEIR music.

Nothing dials up excitement like people’s favorite music!  Ask participants to turn up their favorite songs while waiting for the virtual event to begin.  “Start the event on your own terms, by playing your own favorite music.”  All of my performances feature preshow music because of how well it gets people going.

2. Engage with your voice.

Let’s face it – on screen, it’s half of what you’ve got! Avoid sounding monotone or that news video in the next window over will pull your audience away. Practice varying the pitch, rate, and volume of your voice to pull your audience in while also non-verbally signaling your credibility. Ex: speak softly on a key point so your audience leans in, then, when they least expect it, pop your voice to deliver an exciting detail. 

3. Keep them on their toes.

Incorporate continuous surprises into the stream that they would never see coming. For example, beam Ben Franklin in to deliver a motivational on theme message. 

Ben Corey provides consulting and support to help you launch successful digital tradeshows, innovative online networking events, and conferences.  He provides a complete roster of sponsorable streaming entertainment.  Contact Ben Corey directly at Stream Variety to learn more. 

Live Streaming 101

We asked DIGITELL, Inc., to explain how Live Streaming cultivates a new audience and leverages your content to generate new revenue.

For those of us who may be unfamiliar with Live Streaming, how does it amplify the meeting experience?

Live Streaming is simply delivering the education and experience of your meetings with those who are unable to attend physically.  Live Streaming adds a whole new group of people into your meeting experience. It allows you to reach a greater audience with your message, which benefits your organization and your community.

Why is Live Streaming so important compared to traditional forms of marketing?

Over 80% of people attending a Live Stream have never been to your physical meeting. With a 20% – 40% conversion rate, Live Streaming provides the exposure you need to grow your physical meeting.  It is the most successful and cost-effective marketing you will ever do for your meeting and organization.

What impact does Live Streaming have on revenue development?

There are over 5 ways of generating revenue from live streaming, resulting in significant (non-dues) revenue for your organization:

  1. Registration revenue from the virtual attendee
  2. Virtual pass revenue from the physical attendee to share with their staff who could not attend
  3. Virtual pass revenue from the exhibitors to share with their sales staff who need to hear what is being said in the industry
  4. Sponsorship revenue by exhibitors and sponsors who wish to privately host Live Stream education content
  5. Sponsorship revenue by exhibitors and product showcases between sessions present plenty of options to enhance the Live Stream experience

How does live streaming engage new or existing members?  

The comfort level of people learning digitally has never been higher.  15 years of Webinars and Online Learning and 12 years of Live Streaming events have created an enormous market of digital learners.  With less than 10% of members typically attending a physical meeting, Live Streaming gives you a product to offer 90% of your members who don’t attend and the ability to reach an international community that can’t or is afraid to travel.

What other benefits can only live streaming offer?

  1. It re-engages dormant members who become active spenders of your organization
  2. It can give your exhibitors an additional market to reach for new business
  3. It will increase your physical meetings and add new members
  4. It gives you the ability to reach international markets in their language

To learn more about Live Streaming, contact Digitell.