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Description: Ben Corey has faced the challenges of today by bringing every member of the audience into the front row. And, creating the StreamCore interactive digital theater, allowing interaction with all conference participants as though they were on stage with him.

Then, he gathered an international group of streaming entertainers to captivate audiences at every transition in your event. Helping you to wow your audience and keeping enough twists and turns in your program to drive a feeling of anticipation about what will happen next.

We understand your challenges in migrating to virtual trade shows and conferences. We deploy the skills of the tech whisperers on our team to help your first live virtual conference be a success.

Taking things further, StreamVariety has created partnerships with other Streaming Conference experts and virtual event planners, to create turnkey solutions to assist you in bringing your valuable content to your information hungry attendees.

When it comes to launching your first live virtual event, the challenges seem daunting. The business models for how you produce revenue that keeps your lights on has also changed. That is why we have created a world class team to support you all along the way. And, why we gathered engaging entertainers who bring you visibility opportunities for your sponsors and new experiences for your participants.

StreamVariety experiences are built to capitalize on the strengths of live virtual events. Strengths that are not possible when live in person.

We aim to be your partner now, to bring community building strength to live virtual events, for future hybrid events, and we aim to bring the fun when we are all back on stage live and in person.

The future has arrived. Go there now with StreamVariety.

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