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What is is a search engine and RFP portal used by meeting and event planners to research and vet suitable destinations, facilities and service providers. For suppliers, we offer an advertising distribution channel to conduct business directly with buyers.

Who participates on

Suppliers who are interested in developing new group business showcase annual listings to position themselves before original meeting and event planners when they are buying. We offer several proactive features to reach more buyers, including direct email marketing.

What’s so unique about

Original meeting planners use because it is completely free, with no commissions, mark-ups or hidden fees. As a registration-free website, meeting and event planners can comfortably research, pre-qualify and send RFP’s to a short list of suppliers with greater efficiency. This vetting process produces a higher conversion rate for suppliers. Sales executives can also foster relationships with new prospects to close business and open future opportunities.

Why should I join

If you’re looking to augment group business, showcasing an annual listing is a cost efficient distribution channel to new prospects and RFP’s. Additional features may be incorporated into a customized plan to reach more buyers.

I’m already on other online channels, isn’t that enough?

Every channel has a niche audience. has been branded for 18 years and is used frequently by more buyers every year. If you’re looking for additional business, expanding your channels in your specific market segments will serve to augment new prospects with business.

Why is search advertising exceeding print?

In today’s business landscape, online search advertising has taken the lead in media. It offers a billboard effect, generates new prospects and acts as a booking engine. It’s more affordable than print, offers tracking, and a longer shelf life to a key audience.

What specific market segments use

45% Corporate /45% Association /10% SMERF & Government. For planner profiles click here and here.

What about international markets? is committed to generating both inbound and outbound international business through our cooperative marketing partnership with IMEX. Sapphire and Diamond listings receive gratis listings on to cover the UK and which targets the Latin American corporate market segment.

Why do decision making planners specifically use

  1. 1) has a completely transparent business model. All listings are annual subscriptions paid by our member suppliers. We do not accept commissions.
  2. 2) An Advisory Council of leading meeting planners helped to design the site with comprehensive content and advanced search criteria that echo what planners need.
  3. 3) It offers hi-touch services like RFP Valet® to assist planners with the sourcing of their RFPs.
  4. 4) Every RFP is backed by the 24-Hour Response Guarantee (domestic inquires) to ensure that planners know which suppliers will be bidding on their business.
  5. 5) Our online sourcing tool, RFP Valet®, allows planners to upload their RFP to designated suppliers and collects all responses on an organized chart. No re-typing of RFP or training required.

What will my return be?

You will have direct access to decision making prospects with qualified leads when they’re buying. Most advertisers book business within the first 2 years, for a minimum 8:1 ROI. Special 2 year pricing is available for a higher return.

Can you guarantee booked business?

We offer an 8:1 return on a 2-year listing, which means that your listing will remain gratis for an additional year if it fails to generate 8x your listing investment.

How is tracking handled?

To maximize usage by meeting and event planners with diverse preferences, we open all channels of communication for buyers. IP tracking reports reveal when the phone number and website are accessed, as well as RFP’s traced through our system. As a commission-free site, there is no obligation to report back to us on definite bookings. The best way to track your ROI is to funnel all communication to a ‘lead catcher’ who can validate and compare incoming inquiries with our report.

What can I do to make sure that I stand out?

  1. 1) We offer Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond listing levels. Although all listings position you on an even playing field, Sapphire & Diamond levels offer premium placement in the search results and additional graphics.
  2. 2) Promote special packages or fill booking gaps with (free) Special Meeting Offers. These opportunities are promoted on our homepage, your listing, in our e-Newsletter and optimized online.
  3. 3) Submit your press releases, (free) which we post in our e-Alert newsletter distributed to 25,000 opt-in meeting professionals and Blog.
  4. 4) Submit a Hidden Gems article for the e-Alert newsletter.
  5. 5) Sponsor a Contest – Refer a Meeting Professional or Trivia Quest.
  6. 6) All submissions receive the added benefit of social optimization.

Do you offer additional, proactive forms of advertising?

  1. 1) Search Advertising – Marketplace listings are affordably showcased to buyers on
  2. 2) Direct Email Marketing –e-Blast a fresh feed of meeting planners with a call to action
  3. 3) Display Banner Advertising with Geo-targeting to 3 selected states
  4. 4) e-Alert Newsletter Ads and Advertorials to an 25,000 opt-in database
  5. 5) Video Marketing
  6. 6) Bonus Exposure in Latin/South America & Europe; press promotion with optimization; special need period promotion; contest sponsorships

How do you market

  1. 1) Bi-weekly e-Newsletter is sent to a database of 25,000 opt-in meeting planners.
  2. 2) Creative Organic & PPC search engine optimization methods are used.
  3. 3) Dedicated staff actively solicits organizations that plan multiple meetings.
  4. 4) Exhibit in several major tradeshows annually.
  5. 5) Present in-person to industry trade organizations.
  6. 6) Industry partnerships vertically market to members.
  7. 7) Contests, incentives and viral marketing to engage planners.
  8. 8) RFP Valet® has expanded to include RFP OrganizationSM sourcing tool.

What is RFP Valet®?

Vendors respond to RFPs virtually on and responses are automatically organized on charts for meeting planners to compare data.

How do I use it?

RFPs are sent via email to the point of contact on your annual listing page. Simply respond to the RFP by clicking on the link in the email.

What information do I provide?

Planners provide lists of pre-qualifying criteria, and vendors respond accordingly.

How will this benefit my destination, facility or company?

Our team consults with each client to make recommendations for their initial search. Responding to RFPs through RFP Valet® is a quick method for planners to filter suitable candidates for final consideration. When selected to submit a proposal, you have complete access to the buyer, and your time is efficiently spent converting new business.

When is my response due?

Deadlines vary as they are established by the meeting planner. Our team follows up with you to ensure that the RFP was received and that you will respond before the deadline. Links

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