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Operations & Administration

David B. Markham, Principal & Co-Founder
1-866-922-8988 / 301-518-4748 cell

Ashley Chalmers, Director of Internet Operations

Listings, advertising fulfillment, press release submission, social media, RFP assistance
Muzette Randall, Director | Marketing Services

RFP Valet Administration, advertising fulfillment. Regional sales:South East USA
Debbie Carter, Director of Administrative Services

Billing & administration
Al Rickard, CAE, Director of Communications
703-402-9713 / 703-783-5501 fax

Press contact
Advertising Sales & Marketing

Katherine S. Markham CHME, Principal & Co-Founder
240-347-4459 / 301-655-9552 cell

Maureen S. Pickell, CTC, Director of Global Accounts & Media Relations
239-464-0442 / 970-547-1503 fax / 970-389-6525 cell

Northwest USA & Global
Lynne Wellish, CMP, CHSE, Regional Director of Sales

West & Midwest USA
Jo Ann Hoffman, Regional Director of Sales
301-598-0499 / 240-355-5339 cell

Mid Atlantic USA
Nancy Barag, Regional Director of Sales

Northeast & Midwest USA

Sandra Reed, Director of Latin America

Latin America Links

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