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Tips to Increase RFP Response Time

Frustrated by slow response time to your meeting RFPs?  Wish you didn’t have to keep calling to find out whether a property is going to respond?

It’s not that hotels don’t want your business – they do!  They want to make sure they respond quickly to potential buyers, but they are often inundated with incomplete RFPs that need to be qualified, or RFPs get buried in their systems.

Meeting professionals can help themselves by following these 10 tips to increase RFP response time:

  1. Do some homework and narrow your search to a short list of qualified properties.
  2. Include a reasonable range of preferred dates and be clear about which dates are the first, second, or third choices.
  3. Provide complete information about the number of rooms, number of attendees, overall meeting requirements, etc.
  4. Send a verified room block history so the property can see a strong track record for the meeting.
  5. Create a deadline for the response and a realistic timeframe for the decision.
  6. RFPs are taken more seriously if you avoid looking as if you’re fishing around for rates.
  7. Provide rate thresholds for rooms and information on how the rooms will be fulfilled and paid.
  8. Indicate how the decision will be made, including the steps properties can anticipate in the process.
  9. Call the hotel sales department to ask about the status. Properties interested in landing business should have procedures in place to respond quickly to phone requests, especially if a planner is following up on a previous communication.
  10. Consider using an online search directory to distribute the RFP and ensure that properties respond. ConventionPlanit.com offers an RFPValet® service and guarantees that properties will respond within 24 hours to say whether they will send a proposal and when the proposal can be expected.