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800 Asilomar Ave,
Pacific Grove / Monterey, California 93950
Number of Rooms: 312

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Facility Description: Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds sits nestled along the shoreline of the brilliant blue Pacific Ocean, serving as a tranquil oceanfront retreat cradled by towering pine forests, pristine sand dunes and the dramatic rocky coastline of the Monterey Peninsula. Since 1913, Asilomar has played host to tens of thousands of guests seeking an escape to a peaceful environment in a unique and natural setting. 30 historic buildings, many designed by Hearst Castle architect Julia Morgan, house 312 guest rooms with views of the forest, surf or sand. Amid 107 acres of ecologically diverse California State Park land, guests will enjoy a fun and relaxing getaway here in the quaint town of Pacific Grove. Stay at Asilomar once and we know you’ll plan to return. Free Parking. Free Wi-Fi. Heated Pool.

Guest Amenities: Ocean view Rooms, ADA Rooms, Aquarium Tickets, Dining On-Site, Catering Services, Free Parking, Outdoor Heated Pool, Family-friendly, Free Internet Access, Gift Certificates, Gift Shop, High-speed Internet, Packages Available, Parking, Picnic Area, Reservation Cancellation Policy, Self-Parking, Special Events, Wireless Internet in Public Areas, A/V Equipment & Production, Firepits, Fireplace, In-room Hair Dryer, In-room Kitchenettes.

Features/Services: Restaurant on Property, Golf Nearby, Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center, Restaurant Nearby, Parking Facilities, Entertainment, Green Initiatives

Green/Environmental Initiatives: The Asilomar Conference Grounds is proud of its Environmental Sustainability Program achievements and commitment to improving green business practices in all facets of its operation. It is currently a Certified Green Business with the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program, and holds an “Environmentalist Level” California Green Lodging certification. Asilomar is also very proud to have achieved an ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification.

At the core of our sustainability programs is our Environmental Management System or EMS. At all of our Aramark Leisure locations, the EMS conforms to, or is certified to, the rigorous ISO 14001 standard for environmental performance. We recognize that sustainability is an ever evolving practice and not a destination. Continuous improvement through new initiatives, changing practices and employee involvement places Asilomar as one of the top environmentally conscious hotel operators on the Monterey Peninsula.

Below is a synopsis of the sustainability initiatives at the Asilomar Conference Grounds and some of our achievements.

Energy Use
• All meeting room lights, HVAC (unless in a room with radiator heaters) and power are turned off when not in use.
• The property is currently upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting with a total of 85% converted so far.
• Occupancy sensors are used in some areas of the property, and we are in the process of identifying additional areas where these would make a difference to energy use.

Water Conservation
• Water conservation is paramount in Monterey County and is one of our most aggressive programs. Asilomar has a very strong water conservation program in place for both operations and to encourage and show guests how they too can assist with conserving water not only here at Asilomar but at home as water is becoming an increasingly precious resource. New technologies and ideas as well as procedures are consistently reviewed to assist in decreasing our water use.
• Filtered drinking water is provided to all conferences in large containers unless bottled water is specifically requested.
• We encourage conferences to participate in our Cynergreen partnership, offering stainless steel bottles for purchase ‘at cost’ with the option of conference specific logo imprints.
o Letting your participants know that all our water fountains and meeting room water spigots around the site are filtered and that we encourage the use of reusable bottles also helps us with waste reduction.
• Water and juice pitchers are not automatically placed on dining tables unless requested.
• All sleeping rooms are equipped with an “Oxygenics” 1.6pgm showerheads and through a water conservation tips card, people are encouraged to only take five minute showers, or conserve water in several other ways.
• Asilomar offers an ‘opt-out’ linen conservation program, where sheets are only changed at checkout unless otherwise requested.
• A towel re-use program is in place, encouraging guests to re-use their towels.
• In 2011 we installed an ozone system in our laundry facility in addition to new energy and water efficient washing machines as the laundry is one of the largest consumers of water on the property.
• Completed in early 2012, our kitchen remodel replaced all of the dishwashing equipment with new energy and water efficient machines with the goal of reducing water usage in that facility.
• A state of the art water recycling system was installed in 2016, reclaiming up to 75% of water used for housekeeping operations.

Waste Management
• Our Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy precludes purchasing any food or beverage container made from Styrofoam. All of our disposables for food and beverage in the dining room Phoebe’s Café and catering are purchased to meet ASTM D6400 standards for compostability.
o Guests are encouraged to be aware of and place compostables into the correct containers. Currently, there is a 3-way container outside of Phoebe’s Café for guests to place Recyclables, Trash and Compostable items.
• Asilomar was the first commercial compost waste customer to use our regional recycling and composting facility in the area. Recycle bins are provided in every meeting room in addition to a trash can.
• Blue recycle bins are being used in all sleeping rooms, with the exception of a few Historic rooms which will use plastic bags for recycling due to space limitations.
• Monterey County has one of the best recycling facilities in the country and we are able to recycle an incredible amount.
o Letting your vendors and guests know about the recycling program and that “if in doubt – recycle” helps us maximize our waste diversion.

Responsible Purchasing
• All cleaning products used on property including housekeeping, laundry, maintenance and kitchen are from EcoLab and are biodegradable and non-toxic.
• All condiments are currently served in bulk containers with the exception of sugar substitutes and soup crackers. Due to food safety, personal packets of condiments are supplied for box lunches.
• Cloth napkins are used for dinner meal sittings and VIP events. For many catered events, china and cloth napkins are used, however when we need to use paper napkins our stock napkin is 100% post-consumer recycled content and printed with Soy ink.
• Most sales and marketing collateral including our recently updated in-room guest directories have been printed on 100% FSC certified and recycled paper stock and use vegetable-based inks where possible. The binder itself is also fully recyclable and made from FSC certified stock.
• Asilomar works with its suppliers and vendors to minimize all packaging where possible, and has requested that no product is shipped using Styrofoam peanuts or other non-recyclable or reusable materials.

Sustainable Food and Beverage
• Due to food safety regulations, we generally do not donate food, however excess food from meal sittings when feasible is served as employee meals to reduce food waste.
• Asilomar Conference Grounds has a commitment to its guests to provide sustainable and healthy meals. To that end:
o ARAMARK and the Asilomar Conference Grounds are partnered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program and only purchase fish from the green, or occasionally the yellow list. Much of our fish comes from local Monterey Bay sustainable fisheries, or from Alaska and British Columbia sustainable sources, reducing the number of miles it has to travel.
o The Asilomar Conference Grounds participates in the State of California’s Healthy Foods Initiative and we seek to consistently improve menus by providing fresh, local, seasonal and healthy prepared meals for all of our guests.
o Through all four seasons, we attempt to purchase all produce from within a 150 mile radius of the Conference Grounds. Currently on average 65 – 75% of our produce is local and organic for both daily meals and catered events. This percentage varies based on the season.
o We have an aggressive program to work with our suppliers and local farms to increase local and organic produce availability year round, and to decrease the number of miles that produce travels before delivery by picking up produce from the farm on the way to our location when possible.
o All dairy is purchased to be RBsT hormone free.
o All shell eggs that are purchased are cage – free.
o Asilomar purchases certified organic meats, eggs and dairy whenever possible and cost effective. This is one area that food costs are higher and local availability is limited. Conference premiums are often required to accommodate these requests.

• As much as is possible, our pathways, driveways and parking lots are hand swept, or cleaned with a street sweeper when needed. Two-cycle combustion engines such as leaf blowers are only used on rare occasions (for example when our wild grasses are cut for wildfire safety in June/July and the sheer volume does not make sweeping a practical option).
• Recognizing that emissions from our fireplaces also add to greenhouse gases, Asilomar now purchases “Goodwood” for all of our guest rooms. Made from wood waste scraps and compressed, Goodwood burns 50% cleaner than regular wood and decreases our dependence on grown wood.
• We welcome feedback on any of our sustainability initiatives, or ideas any guest may have that we could implement. External communications both to and from our guests is a key component of our EMS.

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