| What Will Face to Face Meetings Look Like When They Return?

What Will Face to Face Meetings Look Like When They Return?


In a COVID-19 world, transitioning face-to-face meetings to virtual is the logical answer for many meetings. But what do you do if your meeting truly relies on seeing, touching, smelling, or testing the product before purchasing? If you are planning to hold an in person event during 2021, what are some changes you can expect to make?

Best practices are lacking in this realm, so here are a few tips to get you started.

Get Everyone On Board

Having the confidence of your stakeholders, exhibitors and attendees is essential to be able to move forward, whether you are an association driven by members, or a corporate show organizer. Is your industry ready to get back to business? What are the current buying trends? Creating a robust, quality attendance list will motivate companies to exhibit at your show, in turn generating member and shareholder support.

Safety Changes

Show organizers must work with vendors, facilities, decorators, AV, etc to develop a clear plan. The following is a list of basic changes to implement:

  • -Face masks are required
  • -Nix the buffet for pre-packaged meals
  • -Require temperature checks to enter the exhibit hall, keynotes, and receptions
  • -Give exhibitors the option to rent Plexiglass shields for their booths
  • -Create wider aisles and one-way traffic for social distancing
  • -Limit the number of attendees on the show floor with appointment-only meetings
  • -Install conveniently located hand sanitizer stations throughout all areas attendees, vendors and organizers will frequent
  • -Encourage pre-registration (with incentives) to reduce long lines

Put Fears at Ease

It will take time for attendees to feel comfortable attending an in-person event. Schedule your event with enough time for participants to feel safe with resuming business, and clearly communicate the safety changes that your event has made for them. is comprised of experienced industry professionals
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