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Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips

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With the increased number of remote meetings taking place these days, let’s take a moment and refresh ourselves with some etiquette best practices for virtual meetings.

1. Log On Early

Be respectful of others and their time by logging in early to test your audio, webcam, screen-sharing tools, etc. That way, the meeting can start right on time.

2. Dress the Part

Proper work attire is expected for all web-based meetings, even if you’re sitting on your couch. Remember, you are still a professional who wants to be taken seriously. You will also feel more productive and confident, so you may want to dress up even if your meeting is phone based. 

3. Consider Your Background

While not everyone has a home office, it’s important to make it look like you are in an appropriate setting (ie no dirty clothes, household clutter, or open closets visible). Prior to your meeting, test out what will be seen in your camera. Try and sit in front of a wall instead of an open room or a window (can make you appear dark).

4. Address Distractions

It would be considered rude if your phone started ringing in a boardroom, and the same is true for a virtual meeting. If possible, close the door to the room you are in and turn off your phone, music, tv, etc. Take notes with a pen and notebook to avoid keyboard noise, and no eating!

Some potential distractions are unavoidable if you are sharing your work space with others in your household temporarily. Be upfront and let your colleagues know they may hear your dog bark, children playing, or the landscaper working outside. This will save time from needing to pause to apologize mid-meeting.

5. Be Present

Look directly at the camera and speak clearly. Make virtual eye contact when speaking and listening. Pause for a response after you speak to account for wi-fi delays.

6. Mute Yourself

Since some level of background noise is likely when working from home (see above), it is extremely important to mute yourself when you are not speaking. Sometimes the meeting host will handle this, but be sure to know how to do it yourself just in case. is comprised of experienced industry professionals
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