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Planners Helping Planners: Your Questions Answered

Welcome to a new series on the blog where your meeting planning questions and dilemmas are answered by experts – other meeting planners! Comment below with your own questions. 

Q: What should I include in an emergency kit?

A: To always be prepared, create an event kit to bring on site. 

Items to include: batteries, flashlight, markers, tape measure, cell phone charger, assorted cables, assorted charging cords, extension cords, flash drives, post it notes, stapler, tape, shipping labels, box cutters, and a basic first aid kit

Submitted by: Kim Marenus, Director of Events, City Chic Events

Swine Flu Travel Response

It’s no secret that the Swine Flu is causing panic across the U.S. and has led to travel cancellations. With the coverage the media is giving the flu, it’s easy to see how individuals’ fear level is rising. (hmm this reminds me of anything slightly negative the media covers)

Not to downplay the seriousness of the flu, however, it’s important to stay realistic. Last night President Obama said reasonable health precautions (frequent hand washing or staying home if sick) will minimize the spread of the flu.

Two days ago, a plane landed at BWI Airport in Baltimore, MD from Cancun. Each passenger was tested for the flu before leaving the plane. All passengers were deemed healthy…and there has yet to be a confirmed case of the infection in the state.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) has released the following statement from President/CEO Joseph A. McInerney regarding the actions officials are taking:

“The American hotel industry urges our elected officials in every office, from President to Vice President and throughout Congress, to think carefully about what they are advising the American people to do, and base their comments on researched information. We will all depend on their actions to help safely lead the U.S. lodging industry and American public through this health crisis.”

So the moral of the story is…continue traveling, and stay aware of the health precautions the CDC is recommending. For the most up to date information, visit The Center for Disease Control’s Website.

Travel Tips for Emergencies

Travel oftentimes doesn’t go as smoothly we all would hope – if you’ve ever had a flight cancelled, lost your passport, or gotten really sick out of the country, your trip can quickly become a nightmare.

This article from BudgetTravel.com has some really helpful travel tips for emergencies like these and more…

1. Losing Your Passport: make a photocopy of your passport and driver’s license and pack it separately. Emergency passports can even be issued same day.

2. You Get Really Sick: review your healthcare policy; many provide coverage out of the country (but bring the local phone number, because 800 numbers often will not work).

3. Stolen Wallet: cancel debit and credit cards as soon as possible, file a police report, and notify the airline if your identification is also missing. Hiding a few $100 bills in a separate bag or article of clothing before traveling is a good way to protect yourself in a pinch.

4. Cancelled Flight: airlines are responsible for getting you on another flight. Calling the airline’s 800 number can be faster than waiting in line at the counter. If you’re involuntarily bumped from your flight, the airline is responsible for compensating you if you are not on another flight in the hour.

Check out the full emergency travel tips article for more useful and practical ways to prevent and deal with mishaps.

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