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Meal Planning Tips for Meetings

When it comes to food, it’s personal.  Attendees may not remember the facility, but they always remember the food! How do you satisfy every individual?

Below are some guidelines to consider when beginning to plan your group meals.

1. Decide on a theme that coincides with the destination or type of meal service, i.e., formal linens for a sit down, international food stations or cookout?

2. If the meeting is for a group of strangers, an informal buffet inspires social mingling. If using the same venue for several days, vary the meals between a sit-down and buffet.

3. Be eventful by the 3rd day with a cookout or offer a ‘meal credit’ to eat at the hotel’s restaurant or nearby eateries.

4. Taste everything, including the appetizer, soup, bread, entrée and dessert. Make sure there are healthy options that are fresh and well prepared. Can they accommodate special requests, i.e., peanut allergies, low fat, gluten free, low sodium, vegetarian?

5. Alert the hotel if they can expect a volume of attendees to hit their restaurants all at once. Communicate with an individual on site who is responsible for food and beverage

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Get Peer to Peer Meeting Ideas

light bulb Meeting professionals know that the best ideas often come from their peers, who are usually more than willing to share them with people who show an interest. Planners are talking about adding value to their meetings to attract attendees.

Maureen Thompson of ASBO International taps the knowledge of the hotel staff by hiring some of them to put in extra hours staffing the meeting registration desk instead of hiring temps to do this. “The person’s knowledge of the venue, location and even access to the ‘behind the scenes’ places of the hotel is invaluable,” she says.

For more great meeting ideas, check out the Stellar Tip Archive, and search through a variety of tips and advice submitted by other meeting professionals.

What are some ideas you will be implementing? Let us know, and share the information with your peers. It’s the most effective way to learn!

Orlando Meeting Specials

Happy 25 Birthday to the Orlando/Orange County CVB!

You can celebrate with them by taking advantage of meeting specials for the occasion…

…like a 2.5% discount off the master account.

Here are some more ways to save and celebrate with the Orlando/Orange County CVB…

New Year for Meetings

A Happy New Year to all, and welcome back to the start of a new week!

What hopes and/or resolutions do you have for your meetings and events this new year? How will you make them memorable?

Overseas Meeting Cell Phone Rentals

Here’s a fabulous & practical tip for your next overseas meeting: rent local cell phones to save time and energy!

Susan Rosen of In the Event… is the winner of our June Stellar Tip Contest for this tip:

“When traveling outside the US, we’ve found it imperative to rent a local cell phone to keep in contact with the DMC and hotel staff. For internal communications we use our walkie talkies, but hotels do not use them any longer & most hotel staff are using cell phones for communications.

If they are away from their desk a local cell works great! If your VIPs require a reservation it’s easy to just pick up your cell phone and to reach your DMC any time of the day or night — the least expensive option is a local cell phone. Most hotel boutiques rent them – in Aruba it was $10/day and it saved us lots of time & energy.

Our guests could find us no matter if we were at our desk or not… well worth the investment.”

For more great tips, visit the Stellar Tip Archive…you can even search by keyword to find the most relevant tips from your peers.

Carry-On Luggage Tips

Avoid extra travel fees and packing excess clothing with these carry-on luggage tips – packing smartly is sure to help ease some of your airline stress.

Here’s some advice from experts that I read about in an msnbc.com article:

Bag size: standard rectangular bags keep clothes flat and less wrinkled.

Organize with platic bags: extra compartments add weight – using plastic bags also makes it easier to remove objects if your bag is searched.

Pack neutral colors: everything will match, and you can eliminate articles of clothing meant for one particular outfit. Colorful scarves, which take up very little space, are a good alternative to bulky sweaters.

Limit your shoes: no more than 3 pairs for women; no more than 2 for men. Shoes are heavy and take up a lot of space.

If you’re traveling soon, check out the msnbc.com article for the rest of the tips. Don’t get stuck paying more money for a heavy suitcase, or overpacking and having to check your bag.

What packing tips do you use? Let us know!

New Planning Tools

Are you on the look out for new, FREE planning tools to give you a time-saving, competitive edge? Check out:

ConventionPlanit.com’s new FREE RFP “Add to Cart” feature……now for hotels/resorts and cvbs, you can:

1. Select multiple properties while you search
2. Review a list of your selections
3. Attach your detailed meeting specs
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It’s great time-saving planning tools like this that make it well worth your time to start using ConventionPlanit.com…so get started and submit your request for proposal today!

Tips on Middle East Communication

If you are traveling to the Middle East for a meeting, understanding some Middle East customs can make communicating easier. Here are some tips from Harold Formstone of Richard Lewis Communciations, taken from his speech at IMEX last week…

When speaking with Arabs:

Use more emotion when you speak
Personalize your comments
Interrupt others when you like
Thinking aloud is encouraged

These tips can help to avoid communication blocks and allow you to have more productive meetings.

If you have any advice or tips for communicating internationally, let us know! First hand experience is a valuable resource. For more Global Tips, check out ConventionPlanit.com’s Global Meeting Tools.