More from PCMA’s Convening Leaders

Attendees from 36 countries were able to choose from 138 experts, advocates, industry leaders and celebrities positioned to address the group. General session topics are thought to be somewhat predictable but not in the hands of PCMA programmers.

From marketing Guru, Seth Godin, instructing on how to blow up the status quo for memorable conferences to tennis legend Billie Jean King lobbing tennis balls into the audience as the finale to her interview, there were few moments when participants looked to their cell phones as a diversion!

Billie Jean ready to lob tennis balls to the audience

Wellness ruled with an early morning yoga class, “Namaste with PCMA” being a big hit.

Then, as advertised, education was key with an Innovate and Elevate Arena, Content Studios offering unique immersive experiences and Breakout Sessions covering topics ranging from Inclusion and DiversityLatest Trends in Design as well as Aromatherapy in Action.

A myriad of networking opportunities were available throughout the event as long as you were wearing comfortable shoes and had your phone fully charged, enabling you to set up rendez-vous points!

Session Key Take-Aways:

  • 1 face-to-face conversation equals 34 emails
  • Your body is your #1 fan – learn to listen to it
  • The “Meeting Professional” label has been upgraded to “Business Event Strategist”
  • Meet Face-to-Face – See Eye to Eye

Along with our own Jo Ann Hoffman and Sandra Reed of Meetings Alliance, I was pleased to encounter the following supplier partners in attendance:  Gerry Kingston of Delta Air Lines; Laura Saeger, Meet In Ireland; Kerrin MacPhie and Gavin Landry, Visit Britain and Kim Brussow, Visit Vail Valley.

There may have been more of our colleagues in the hall, but I was lucky to find these few among the 4,000 of our closest friends!

Hope to see them again (and you) at next year’s Convening Leaders in San Francisco!