IMEX America 2018 Was a Success!

The eighth annual IMEX America held Oct. 16-18 in Las Vegas set a series of new records. This blog is a bit late as the team is still reeling from working an exhibition that gave a record 13,000 thousand participants the opportunity to do business face-to-face.

3,500 exhibitors representing 150 countries along with 6,000 attendees saw the show expand into a third hall at the Sands Expo. Your intrepid blogger lost at least a half inch in height after 3 days of walking the aisles dodging 3,300 hosted buyers on a mission to get to their supplier appointments on time. As 70% of these meetings had RFP’s attached, you can be sure that the energy on the exhibitors side of the booth was just as prevalent!

Participating buyers had the opportunity to:

  • Conduct up to a year’s worth of global business in only 2-3 days… without needing a passport
  • Learn from the extensive Education sessions and Inspiration Hub interaction
  • Enjoy both professional and personal networking

Interactive experiences along with the standard educational formats provided opportunities for the planners to combine activities such as:

  • Learning how to design your meetings for the quiet 50%
  • Enjoying  the thrills of the VR zip line
  • Sampling artisanal cheeses from Wisconsin and learning how to create the perfect pairing
  • Instruction on how to leave a positive legacy from your events on local communities
  • Participating in guided meditation in the Be Well Lounge