New Solution by Orate Allows Event Organizers to Book Multiple Speakers at One Affordable Rate

Orate is the first organization focused on helping event organizers find the perfect speaker, no matter the size of their budget.

Recently, Orate launched an annual subscription service that allows organizations to book as many speakers who waive their fees as they need at a set price. “There are a lot of speakers who want to speak for reasons other than money, it’s just a matter of finding the ones that meet your needs,” said Orate co-founder Veronica Eklund.

The subscription is more “do it yourself” for those who prefer to get on our website and search for speakers when they have time during the day or night. The concierge service can also be added, where we will provide a targeted list of speakers who waive their fees, to save event organizers the time searching.

Why? Orate co-founders, Veronica Eklund and Sara Capra, noticed that one of the most common challenges event organizers face is finding speakers who are willing to waive their speaking fee, and meet the needs of their event. This is especially true for organizers that have a small budget.

The pricing model for this service (listed below) can also be found on the Orate website:

 Orate is an event services company that matches event organizers with public speakers; we help organizers find the perfect speaker for their event, and help speakers gain access to more opportunities.

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