Have your Mind Read at Affinia Hotels

Affinia hotels have been working hard this summer to beef up their customer service skills in an unusual way – with body language training.

USA Today reports that staff members at these hotels learned to better ‘sense’ guests needs without having to ask!

For example, a guest frequently touching their face may be anxious from traveling or work.  The staff member can then provide a higher level of service by offering the guest an extra pillow or a yoga treatment.

Affinia staffers were also instructed to pay attention to where a guest’s eyes are focusing and the tempo and level of excitement in their speech.  It is important to match the level of excitement in a person’s speech to make them most comfortable.  If the individual is avoiding eye contact, they may be too busy to engage.

These are helpful tips for all of us to remember when communicating with others!

Have you stayed with Affinia lately?  Did you notice a higher level of customer care?  What does good customer service mean to you as a guest?

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One thought on “Have your Mind Read at Affinia Hotels

  1. Corporate Magician

    Glad to see that some organizations are taking body language into account with their customers. As a mentalist I use those subtle signs everyday in my dealings with people. Good to hear its catching on!

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