Multimedia Advertising Information is a commission-free search directory that meeting professionals use to locate suitable destinations, facilities and service providers. As a distribution channel to the group market, provides direct access to key corporate and association decision makers worldwide, offering comprehensive features. Customized packages are available to coordinate with your fiscal year.

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Digital Features & Strategies
Digital media has evolved with innovative strategies to target meeting planners and access them directly. Your marketing objectives may be achieved with a customized blend of features:

1. Search Advertising listings are affordably showcased to buyers on
2. Direct Email Marketing (e-Blast) a fresh feed of 50,000 planners, targeted by demographics
3. Display Banner Advertising on the Search Pages with geo-targeting
4. e-Newsletter Ads and Advertorials to 25,000 opt-in meeting professionals
5. SPiN Banner & e-Blast Advertising may be integrated to reach an additional 2,500 planners
6. Video Marketing is a creative and affordable option to stand out in a saturated marketplace

1. Display Advertising: Showcase of Annual Listing Options

• Ruby: 2 images, logo, data, copy, RFP template, virtual tour, map, website, contacts & tracking

• Sapphire: Identical to Ruby + 4 slideshow images/video, high post with graphic in the search results

• Diamond: Identical to Sapphire + 8 slide show images/video, highest post with graphic & pop-up window in search results

1 Year Rate

1 Year Rate

1 Year Rate

2 Year Rate

2 Year Rate

2 Year Rate

Added Value - Gratis
• 8:1 Guaranteed ROI on two year listings, or listing is showcased a 3rd year, gratis
• listing in Spanish for global exposure in Latin America
• listing to cover the UK (Sapphire & Diamond level)
• Special Meeting Offers promote need periods and hyperlink with the annual listing
• Press postings with social optimization
• Contest Sponsorship Opportunities – Refer a Meeting Professional

Interactive Destination Map - For Convention Bureaus
Convention bureaus may display a citywide offering with an INTERACTIVE MAP on their listing that highlights and hyperlinks their member facilities. All contact information on the facility listings is directed to the CVB to develop leads. The cost per listing is cut in half when purchasing a cluster of facilities for the map. Your map is featured in the e-Alert’s Destination Discovery advertorial to 25,000 meeting planners ($1,200 value).

2. Display Advertising: Direct Email Marketing (e-Blast)

Target meeting professionals directly by email with your exclusive ad. e-Blast targets prospects with a call to action. Fresh data and exclusive dates are provided with strong click thru rates. Message content may only promote members of

Per Campaign Rate
Campaigns are customized per recipients.
Call 866-922-8988 for pricing.

3. Display Banner Advertising: Website    
Banner Ad
  • Appears consistently on search pages
  • Static display ad with URL link to annual listing page

Net Fee Schedule in US Dollars:
3 months: $1,000.00 per month
6 months: $900.00 per month
9 months: $800.00 per month
12 months: $700.00 per month

Geo Targeted Banner Ad
  • Appears on search pages when 3 states or a region is selected in the drop-down search criteria
  • Static display ad with URL link to annual listing page

Net Fee Schedule in US Dollars:
3 months: $500.00 per month
6 months: $450.00 per month
9 months: $425.00 per month
12 months: $400.00 per month
$100.00 per additional state/month

4. Display Advertising: Direct Email Marketing - e-Newsletter

Distributed bi-weekly to 30,000 meeting professionals. Click HERE to view a sample. All ads contain a URL link to annual listing page.

Spotlight Advertorial
  • Feature article with photo. Top of page.

Per Issue Rate (USD-Net)

Hidden Gems Feature Article
  • Feature article with photo. Middle of page.

Per Issue Rate (USD-Net)

First Vertical Sponsor Ad
  • First ad along right column of page

Per Issue Rate (USD-Net)

Second Vertical Sponsor Ad
  • Second ad along right column of page

Per Issue Rate (USD-Net)

Third Vertical Sponsor Ad
  • Third ad along right column of page

Per Issue Rate (USD-Net)

Solar e-Clip
  • Ad in center column of page

Per Issue Rate (USD-Net)

5. Display Advertising: SPiN Advertising Features

Reach an additional 2,800 original planners with 10 minimum years of experience. As the sales extension for SPiN advertising, additional features may be incorporated to broaden your range to more individual buyers.

SPiN Weekly Email Sponsorship
  • Distributed weekly to 2,000 opt-in senior meeting professionals.
  • Message appears within the body of the message across the bottom, and highlights Three Key Things.

  • Single Sponsorship Rate (USD-Net)
    Three Sponsorship Rate (USD-Net)

    SPiN News
    Monthly digital journal distributed to 2,500 SPiN members.

    Spotlight Article (USD-Net)
    Full Page Ad (USD-Net)
    Half Page Ad (USD-Net)
    Quarter Page Ad (USD-Net)
    Volume discounts 10%: 2-4 insertions, 20%: 5 or more insertions

    SPiN Email Marketing (e-Blast)
    SPiN is an exclusive network of experienced meeting professionals. Send a dedicated message to access an additional 2,000 individual meeting planners.
    SPiN Website Right Vertical Rotation Banner Ad
    • Appears on the homepage

    Net Fee Schedule in US Dollars:
    1 month: $250.00
    2-4 months: 10% discount
    5+ months: 20% discount

    SPiN Website Rotation Banner Ad
    • Appears on the bottom of each page of the website

    Net Fee Schedule in US Dollars:
    1 month: $350.00
    2-4 months: 10% discount
    5+ months: 20% discount

    6. Display Advertising: Promotional Marketing Video

    Promotional Marketing Videos engage your clients with a compelling call to action.

    Take your digital marketing to the next level with affordable campaigns to:

    • -Generate sales and fill need periods
    • -Promote attendance
    • -Send memorable invitations, special offers, holiday greetings and thank you notes

    Turn-Key Solution:

    • -High quality, HD production
    • -Promotional videos use your logo, existing graphics/video, or an adjunct to your creative team
    • -Fast delivery
    • -Fully customized video production available

    Promotional Marketing Videos

    • Level 1 - $2,995.00
      • Pre-produced video your logo, images and keywords included.
      • Includes one round of edits.
    • Level 2 - $3,995.00
      • Pre-produced video customized with your materials in opening and closing animation (logo, images, video content, keywords).
      • Includes one round of edits (changing images, video clips, a word, phrase or music)
    • Level 3 - $5,995.00
      • You help build video style with image portfolio.
      • Includes two rounds of edits.
    • Level 4 – prices vary based on level of customization
      • Fully customized video according to your vision and desired outcome.

    Greetings, Invitations & Promotions

    Holiday greetings, save the date/invitations, thank you’s

    • Pre-Produced - $995.00
      • Your contact information and graphic is added to the end of the video.

    • Partially Customized - $1,995.00
      • Your logo and animated visual elements are added to the video.

    • Fully Customized - From $3,995.00
      • Each video is quoted on an individual basis.

    • Pre-Produced Packages
      • 4 videos - $2,995.00
      • 6 videos - $3,895.00
      • 12 videos - $6,595.00

    Industry Discounts

    Members of HSMAI, IAEE, AH&LA, CH&LA and NH&LA
    Benchmark, InterContinental Hotels Group, Interstate, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Starwood and Wyndham Hotels

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